I first met Anita de Harde at the 11th Sculpture Symposium of Changchun China 2011 and like most of the sculptors there, I was immediately taken in by her infectious and radiant personality.

Anita is an incredibly talented sculptor with a heart of gold and deep spirituality, who sees the proverbial glass as half full and not half empty. This philosophical stand point is very evident in Anita's work as they simultaneously explore the simplicity of human form and the beautiful complexities which constitutes our humanity. Her incredible sculpture resonates with the contemporary but is also grounded in deep rooted traditions and customs which evokes the genius of the renaissance. It is such beautiful paradox that makes her artwork so compelling.

Anita has indelibly made her mark on the Chinese psyche and landscape with her awe-inspiring and provocative sculptures and is a true ambassador of her country Holland. She has in recent times expressed to me her desire to create a sculpture symposium that comprises entirely of biodegradable materials, so in that way there'll always be room for fresh ideas and expression. She believes that art belongs to everybody and should be shared in the most generous way. That to me is Anita in a nutshell, a brilliant artist and a beautiful human being.

Jallim Eudovic, Saint Lucia

I have met Anita de Harde at the 11th China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium, China in September 2010. Since then we have kept regular contact and I got to know her and her art even better.

I came to know Anita as an easygoing person with a keen interest in people and their wellbeing. She was able to function very efficiently in a multi-cultural situation and has managed to interact freely and comfortably with the local people in Changchun. She reached out to local people and managed to have meaningful interactions with them.

Anita is an artist with a vision for herself and her art and is committed to take her art to new heights. She is not afraid to experiment and try new ideas, new materials and new ways of expressing herself. She is also not afraid to tackle new ventures and take it to its final conclusion. She will therefore complete what she started. She has the honesty in her art making to produce art that is unique and truthful to herself.

I would therefore recommend Anita with the knowledge that she will manage to fulfil your requirements.

Jaco Sieberhagen, sculptor, South Africa.

Anita de Harde is an artist and painter of high quality paintings. She realises beautifull paintings by order, as well by abstract as by realistic. Her specialities are: lifelike portrets, animal portrets, caricatures, abstract paintings, wall paintings and organizer of Art Events. I know Anita de Harde as a fantastic organizer of Art Events. She creates an ambiance of welcome to everyone, resulting in a nice exhibition for all participants.

BIKKEL, artist, Holland

Ik heb Anita leren kennen als een veelzijdig kunstenares en als een innemende en inspirerende persoonlijkheid. Haar schilderijen van wilde dieren zijn adembenemend als de jungle zelf.

Hans Otto, client, Holland

Anita is a fine artist who makes high quality paintings with care. She makes paintings on demand and also free style. Furthermore, you can ask her for business events and art events. Here specialty is portraits, also from animals, abstract paintings and wall paintings.

Tiny De Bruin, collegue

Anita works as an artist with different techniques in an extraordinary high quality, She is a painter of realistic and/or abstract artwork. from realistic portrets of people and animals to caricatures of them. From normal formats till wallpainting, she have done it. Anita works for her own ( free work) to commissioned work Also she can and will organize art-happenings and workshops.

Fred van Welie, artist, Holland